Experiment Ponytail Headache: Trial 1


My hair is extremely long and thick. In fact, it has reached the point that I can no longer put it in a ponytail higher than the nape of my neck without my scalp aching by the end of the day. I like being able to throw my hair up and have it out of my face and off my neck, so I have set out to find the perfect solution.

Trial 1: Scrunchie

This solution came from snooping around Google. Supposedly if I use a scrunchie instead of a typical elastic band, the hair will be held looser and not cause the tight pulling that makes my head ache. The results, however, were disappointing. True, the scrunchie did hold my hair much looser than an elastic, but that merely resulted in bumps forming, causing my hair to look quite rumpled. The ponytail didn’t even last two hours before I had to take it out due to a headache. In the end, a scrunchie just won’t cut it.


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