Supersize Me: Day 1

This experiment came from the television show Supersize Vs. Superskinny, which aired in Britain for quite a while. The show follows one obese person and one underweight person through a five day diet swap. The best part of the show is that it also examines diet fads and health problems caused by overeating and under-eating. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a clip.

Supersize VS Superskinny

Anyway, I’m addicted to this show and thought it would be fun to try a diet swap myself. I am borderline underweight and I’m constantly fighting to make sure I stay at the right weight. I finally found someone on the heavier side willing to attempt a diet swap with me. Today we begin.


It is almost an hour after eating breakfast and I still feel gross. I had a full bowl of cereal with milk. Usually I eat half a bowl of cereal without milk. All I can say is breakfast was unsatisfying. There are all these goodies from Christmas dinner (rolls for one) and I can’t eat them. Plus, I have to go until lunch without snacking. Hopefully breakfast was big enough that I can make it.


How does she go all morning without a snack? I’m so hungry! Maybe breakfast for her is later than when I eat it. Anyway, I’m hungry but I’m not hungry enough to eat what is on the menu. Two corn dogs and a handful of fries. That’s a lot of food. Also, have you ever looked at the ingredients in a corn dog? I’m hopefully never eating one again. I should never have looked at the ingredients but I had to make sure the brand I bought didn’t have whey in it or else my mom would get sick.

I do not like the taste of corn dogs. Even smothered in ketchup, I do not like the taste of corn dogs. I ate the two corn dogs really fast so that my stomach wouldn’t have time to feel full before I finished. I slowed down for the fries because I like fries; they’re so yummy.

Anyway, I now feel really full. All I can think about is how full my tummy is. I feel like the Grinch except it was my stomach that grew instead of my heart, or like Pooh Bear when he gets stuck in Rabbit’s hole after eating too much.


I’m not hungry. I don’t think I’ll be hungry for a week after the lunch I had. Oh well, one sandwich and a banana coming right up. I really wish I didn’t have to.


I’m still full and I still have to have a midnight snack. How am I going to survive an entire week of this?


Ok, I cheated a little this time. I was supposed to eat an apple and some crackers. I ate a dinner roll instead of the crackers because I needed to eat something comforting. And finally I had a meal I enjoyed. It was light and felt healthy.

Now that I’m done eating, I’m so full I think I’m going to puke. I feel so terrible. I don’t think my stomach has finished digesting lunch. What did I get myself into?


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