Supersize Me: Day 2

Due to confusion and family stress on both ends, I ended up skipping a day between Day 1 and Day 2. That’s alright, my stomach needed the break.


Cereal again. It’s what I usually eat for breakfast anyway. The only problem is that it doesn’t stick with me for very long, so I get hungry a couple hours later and lunch seems so far away. Not to mention….


Nothing. I’m so hungry!

2 PM

A bowl of mac’n’cheese. I used a packet of instant mac’n’cheese and it was so unsatisfying. I don’t eat much at meals but I like to have a couple different things and a bowl of macaroni does not cut it. Actually, the taste was so bland that I added some shredded Colby Jack and it was one hundred times better, not to mention richer.


I’m hungry again and all she ate was an apple and peanut butter. It was actually a delicious combination. Surprisingly, I’ve never had apples with peanut butter. And despite not feeling full right after eating, that meal stuck with me for most of the night.


I think it’s the late night snacks that are going to get me. I don’t like going to bed feeling super full. I sort of cheated on this one, though. All my friend told me was to eat a bowl of spaghetti. Since I was at Applebee’s I ordered their three cheese chicken penne. I managed to eat all but a small corner of the dish, which was probably a larger size than the one my friend ate. Oh but I felt so full after. I may never eat that meal again.


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