Supersize Me: Day 3


Yea, more cereal! Actually, I normally eat cereal for breakfast, but I also normally have a snack between breakfast and lunch because cereal doesn’t stick.


I’m hungry.


I don’t like soup. I can’t stand the broth. I’ve never had ramen noodles because they smell disgusting when cooking. Well, today I’m going to break that trend; I get to eat an entire package of ramen noodles and an orange.

I was right to not eat ramen. I don’t understand why my sister loves it so much. The noodles were okay but when I went to have some of the broth, I thought I would gag. It was disgusting and so salty, too. I managed to eat all the noodles from the package but I didn’t finish the broth. Needless to say, the orange was a wonderful relief afterwards.


Finally, I get to eat something I like, Subway! My friend didn’t specify what kind of sandwich, just that she had a six inch, so I ate a Philly Cheese Steak with provolone cheese on flat-bread. It was wonderful and easily went down. I deserved it after the lunch I had to eat.


Another food that I really like is cheese and crackers. This was another delicious snack, but I think this might be a factor into my friend’s weight issues. This is a lot of food to eat before bed and you’re really not supposed to eat before bed anyway. Although, she probably stays up much later than I do, which is why she has need for a midnight snack.


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