Supersize Me: Day 5


Today’s breakfast was juice and cereal. I don’t usually drink juice for breakfast and when I do drink juice I water it down. Watering down your juice is a really healthy choice because you’re not consuming as much sugar. However, my friend does not water down her juice and so I choked down really thick orange juice.


Finally, I get a lunch that’s truly a lunch. It was just a sandwich and an apple but that’s so much better than, say, a small bowl of fruit. That being said, I didn’t get an afternoon snack like she has a lot of the time.

Anyway, my sandwich was delicious. I took a piece of the roast from my family’s Christmas dinner, melted some cheese on top and poured a bit of steak sauce on top of it all.


This is not a dinner! I am eating a granola bar, a cheese stick and a pear. That’s merely three snacks put together. This isn’t going to stick for very long.


That explains why I’m eating an entire can of ravioli for a midnight snack. I strongly dislike canned ravioli, really ravioli in general, but today it tasted wonderful. I ate most of the bowl easily and only struggled with the last few bites.


(yes, I cheated and had a glass of sparkling apple cider)


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