Supersize Me: Day 6


I had to cheat again today. I was supposed to have a bagel with cream cheese again but I still don’t have cream cheese. So I substituted it with jelly again. I also had a glass of milk to help wash the whole thing down, which was on the menu.


I had another delicious roast beef sandwich, including cheese and steak sauce. It was like heaven. Oh and an accompanying handful of pretzels. It was an amazing lunch.


Finally, a dinner that was remotely dinner like. I had nachos! Of course, this was the one night I was working and only had a fifteen minute break to eat. I couldn’t finish them all but my tummy was still happy.


This wasn’t even cheating; I straight up broke the rules and I don’t feel one iota of guilt. You see, tomorrow I am getting my wisdom teeth out at 8:20am. This will be my last solid food for a week. I was not about to eat a piece of fruit for my last supper. I had a glazed doughnut instead.



Well, this experiment wasn’t as exciting or extreme as I thought it would be. My friend started a medication just before she did her food diary. This medication made her not as hungry, so I think I actually consumed more calories than she did before the swap. That being said I still learned from this experience.

I was reminded of the importance of carbs. I was heavier in high school because pasta was my go to food but after college I stopped eating a lot of pasta and so I was only eating bread on my sandwiches and maybe a piece of bread at dinner.

I also learned that fruit is sweet. I was eating a lot of sugar to fill me up, instead of real food before this diet swap. Instead of dessert, I can eat fruit, which is what I did when I studied abroad in Spain. By replacing cookies and candy with fruit, my body will be less likely to crash from the sugar high and will be better balanced.

Well, that’s all folks. If someone with a more extreme diet would like to swap with me, let me know. I’d love to suffer what the other side eats.


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