Experiment Disney Princess Hair: Princesses I Won’t Show

Many of the princesses have multiple hair styles and I will do my best to show you as many as I can master. There are, however, some I will not be wasting my time with, or at least I won’t waste my time taking pictures of these princesses. They are, in no particular order



Oh my gosh her hair is down and supposedly wet, but my hair never acts like that when it’s wet.



Oh look, her hair is down too, we just stuck a flower behind her ear. It’s winter right now, so I’d have to wait about six months to do this style. Sorry, I don’t have the patience or the desire to do this look.



Oh look, it’s down again. I wish I could do my hair like Rapunzel but she’s been growing her hair for sixteen years without cutting it. I’ve had a haircut within the last year, so I’m way behind.



One more time, a Disney princess whose hair is down and flowing in the wind. Want to know how to get this look? Straighten your hair and turn on a fan and fog machine.



I actually did try to do this look. I couldn’t get the headband to stay on my head that far back. It would just slide off or bunch my hair so that it looked funny. If anyone has a suggestion that would work, please let me know.

Sorry about being so snarky in this post. I have a bone chip that’s working its way out of the back of my mouth right now, and it really hurts.


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