Growing Pains Results

I know, I know, I dropped off the face of the earth. I’ve been so busy with school and work that this blog fell to the bottom of the list of importance. However, I did not stop experimenting, so I will combine all my results into this single post.


If you remember, I was trying to see what might help my hair grow faster. In order to make sure I was measuring the same piece of hair, I dyed a small chunk purple. There was no way I would measure different length hairs each week.

The first week, I tried taking a multivitamin called One a Day Teen Advantage for Her. I had read in someone’s blog that when they were taking vitamins while they were pregnant their hair grew a lot faster. So, for a week, I made sure to take my vitamins every day. The result? Nothing. I had no hair growth whatsoever.

The second week, I tried drinking and eating lots of milk products. My hair grew a lot around the time I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and my guess was that everything I ate was milk based. However, I had no hair growth this week.

The next week, I wore my hair in a bun every day. I had Googled ways to help my hair grow faster and someone suggested wearing buns to protect the tips of my hair from breaking. It may help with breakage but it certainly didn’t help with hair growth. I also found out that I hate wearing my hair pulled back all the time.

My next sample of internet advice was to massage my scalp for two to three minutes every day. Supposedly I was increasing the blood flow to my scalp, which would help increase hair growth. I have to say, out of all the massages I could have, a head massage ranks pretty low. However, it did help my hair grow. In a week, my hair grew about half a centimeter. This was around average compared to my control study. It’s still better than nothing, though.

My final attempt at hair growth was to increase the protein in my diet. I didn’t keep track of my protein intake by exact measurement. Whenever I had the opportunity to eat protein, I made sure to eat twice the amount I would normally eat. I also made sure that during meals in which I normally wouldn’t eat protein, I ate something with protein in it. The result, growth of 1.5 centimeters. I think I found my winner.


I decided to close this experiment for now. I may come back and revisit it. I found some advice that suggested eating spicy foods, especially things with cayenne pepper. I’d like to see if that works.

For now, I’m ready for a new experiment. Any suggestions?