Start With a Line from Someone Else (Part 2): Poetry Day 3

“Take a first line you like and rewrite it in your own words, based on your experience. For example, “Sundays too my father got up early” might transform into “Every Friday, he brought home KFC.” “Come to me in the silence of the night” might become “Come over, when my parents are asleep.” Start a poem based on your line.”

-Kim Addonizio “Ordinary Genius”

“No longer mourn for me when I am dead” became “Don’t forget me when I die.”

Don’t forget me when I die

The time is coming soon

Death’s last wishes kiss my lips

His angel breaths into my lungs

They restrict against the foreign air

Don’t forget my favorite things

When they lay me down to rest


cascading down your back

Shoulders firm in an embrace

Oh to have that one last touch

To remember when I die


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