Inventing Memories

“Write about something you wish you could remember more clearly, and try to imagine what you can’t recall.”

-Kim Addonizio,  “Ordinary Genius”

My grandfather used to take us fishing

My brother

My sister

And me

               I think

                             I assume

I can’t remember anyone

But him

We started with child sized rods

More toy

But we’d catch fish quietly

In the early morning,

Bobbers rising


Under gentle, lapping water

Maybe this is why I love sitting

near water listening

Blue gills, sunfish, catfish, bobber


Reel, reel

Feel the fish pull

against you.

So strong

for such a little fish.

I remember the fish

And the dock and the water

I cannot remember

My grandfather’s face

Did I ever just lean against him

The the dawning light?

Did I hold his hand

And carry my well used rod

In the other?

I can remember the fish

But not the man.


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