Love Potion Number 9

“In the pop song ‘Love Potion Number 9,’ the guy who’s ‘a flop with chicks’ takes a drink and starts kissing everything in sight….

“So look up from this book, and fall in love with the first thing or person you see. Your latte, the cafe worker, a bottle of ketchup, a bird out the window, a panel truck passing. Whatever. Write about it, talk to it, focus on it rapturously.

“A variation: Jot down a list of things you see around you and fall recklessly in love with all of them.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

I used to hate

Your ugliness

-Just saying-

Love should be built

on honesty

That’s right

I love you

From the small red bumps

To the deep

Rock hard

Under the skin patches

You are part of me

I love you.

Aaah, technology

Your humming lulls me to sleep

The warmth you breath

Tickles my toes

Runs up my whole body


Two in one

Like conjoined twins

Or a two headed dragon

Desktop Computer

My life saver

Reliable, trusty, dependable


Your touch makes my fingers tingle

I love to run my hands along you


My TI-Nspire

Solely my love

My favorite

I could not live without you


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