These are a Few of My Favorite Words

“Here’s an early creative writing exercise I was given: Choose fifty favorite words, and write a poem using those words. My poem began, ‘The Uzbek floozy burbled on the hurdy-gurdy,’ and ended, ‘oh, oh, the olalaberries.’ Make your list and then write from it.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

I will spare you my list of words, which made me realize that I don’t know how to spell words that I use in daily conversation. Also, several of the words were not English words, including my number one word, “Hablaba.”

Venga Chikitita,

and listen to your old Abba speak,

as the starry prevening

becomes a darkening secret

and the drifting leaf settles

into sleep.

I will trust to you,

in the grace of the dying fire,

the star-crossed story of revolution,


and the danger of the seemingly benevolent dihydrogen monoxide.

But first,

fondue into this slender chair

relevé your petite feet

and let me begin with an alliteration.


2 thoughts on “These are a Few of My Favorite Words

  1. I just read your whole blog. Your poetry is amazing! I would never be able to write like that. I think you’ve uncovered a gift of yours. =) I miss you, friend!

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