Work Meets Pleasure

Sorry that it’s taken me so long to post another poetry exercise. This next one left me feeling entirely uninspired, so I kept putting it off and getting distracted with exams, and work, and computer games. Of course, YouTube was a huge distraction, too. I discovered the hilarious series that is Smosh Game Bang. Anyway, I’ve finally just slapped something down on paper, so now it’s over and I can move on to another prompt.


“Now try mixing your favorite words with words from some other source – a cookbook, a textbook, a billboard ad. Then use those words as a springboard to more writing.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

I work at Walmart to pay for school and currently they are cycling through a CD every hour that contains Baby by Justin Bieber. Since the song is now stuck in my head, I used the lyrics as my inspiration. Feel free to vomit, although this isn’t Vogon Poetry.

Baby, oh, baby

You’re beautiful

My first love

I met you when I was 13

You were incomparable

My secret desires


When you made my heart pound

It skipped a beat

You turned me into

A monosyllabic fool

I’m dazing

Your chortle is amazing

But then you went

And broke my heart


I hoped you’d always be mine




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