Late Night Genius

This is another 4 am poem. I guess the only benefit to my insomnia are these decently good poems.

“Another way to start from language: Skim through a book of poetry and select random words that interest you, then use them to write.”

-Kim Adonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

The only book of poetry I found in my half asleep state was an anthology of poems written by pre-teens and teens. I actually have a work in the edition that I own. For once, the poem I am about to share with you has a title.

              New World Symphony

Let the goosebumps rise

On the back of your neck

Terror shiver down your spine

The crash of cymbals

Tremolo of strings

Listen to the sound of fear

Trumpets wailing

at the death of babes

caught sleeping in the storm.

Timpani pounds

the marching feet

People’s Liberation Army



The whisper of unwanted children

To unwanted mothers

Soft melody hiding in their voices

The beat kept

by swaying hips

Of prostitutes


and children

The fermata over rest

                                  Of Americans in bed

                                                                  Unafraid, unscarred,


                                         Directors of the symphony


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