Secret Lines

I’ve been slacking again, so I will be doing two poetry posts in one today.


“Everyone has demons…Make a postcard, or several, about your secrets. Put the postcards into your journal. You might want to send one to PostSecret.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

Yeah, so since these things are secrets, I’m not posting them here. I will eventually send them to PostSecret, so just keep looking there and maybe someday you’ll see mine.

“As an exercise: Write a prose piece, then break it into lines. Look for a line length that seems to work for the prose, and try to make each line about that length. You may need to change, add, or delete words from the original piece to create lines of equal length.

“Using the same subject, and without looking back at the first piece you wrote, write a new piece that you compose line by line.

“Study the differences.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

From Prose

I don’t know

what to say.

Saying anything,

Yes or no,

Will pull out

So many skeletons

from my closet.

I don’t know

him very well

why should I

tell my secrets

By Line

It’s not fair

I didn’t try to convert him

I didn’t try to change him into Dan

He did it himself

He’s to blame

It’s not fair

He thinks he’s got a better chance

He thinks that I’ll say yes

I can’t tell him

I won’t tell him

It’s not fair


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