I’m Back

Sorry about the long break. Life decided that it would speed up and exhaust me. Finding motivation to write after dealing with homework and work work is really hard. But I’m back and hopefully will stay back until the end of summer at least. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers.

“Take a poem you’ve written in conventional left-margin lines, and explode it onto the page. Try these techniques:

1. Keep the same line breaks as in your conventional version, but arrange the lines to make use of the entire page.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

For this series of exercises I will be using New World Symphony, which I wrote back in May. Hopefully it won’t get too old by the time I’m done.

New World Symphony

Let the goosebumps   r   i    s    e

on the back of your neck

                        Terror              shiver               down your spine

The crash of cymbels

Tremolo of strings

Listen to the sound of fear

Trumpets wailing

       at the death of babes

Timpani pounds

the marching feet

People’s Liberation Army



The whisper of unwanted children
                                                                      To unwanted mothers
Soft melody hiding in their voices

The beat kept      

by swaying hips

of prostitutes     


and children         

The fermata over rest

of Americans in bed




Directors of the Symphony


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