And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

“List several ordinary objects around you. You can do this anywhere. Right now I can list these: towel, TV, dresser, vase of flowers, dropped shirt.

“Next, choose two of those objects.

“The first object is in love with the second object. Write about that love.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

I have two different pieces for you today. I wrote the first in the form of the poem and afterwords realized that I didn’t do a lot of describing, so I tried again with the same two objects but wrote in prose. My two objects? A comb and a single earring.

I let her dangle from my teeth

She likes to swing from there

It’s quite similar to a lobe

And has the same smell of hair

Ever since she lost her mate

She has been left alone

“No one loves a single earring,”

She murmurs with a moan.

I love my single earring dear

We spend our days together

Lying beneath the mirror

On our lady’s dresser.

I used to see her all the time. I’d pass by and glimpse her through strands of hair. It was the way she twinkled that caught my eye. All the others shine or sparkle but she caught the light in such a way that I shivered up and down my teeth. I think it was the pink glaze that I fell in love with first. I want to touch that pink, feel her clasp around me, her body swaying gently with my movements.


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