Summer’s Here

Classes are over, exams have been taken and my sister has gotten married. I don’t have to worry about homework until August. My job requires me to show up in the right clothes and a smile. I’m going to have (gasp) free time! So I’m going to pick up writing poetry for at least a little while.

The first few posts will actually be catch up from last year. I had written poetry but never gotten around to posting it. Well, finally here it is. Enjoy.


“For your own inspiration…visit a museum. Look for a work of art that puts you under its spell. You could also choose a work of art that you respond to very negatively, and write about why you hate it…Describe everything you see, as completely as possible. If a docent comes by with a group, listen in. Later, you might look up more information about the artwork or artist online. The image is your starting point, but let the poem travel from there.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

Just a note: I didn’t go to an art museum for this. My library has some paintings, so I chose one of those. I have no idea who the artist is or what the painting is called. From what I can tell, two poems came out of this activity.

Waves of color splash up

Reaching for the moon

They ripple and crash

and melt away

Or maybe

an old tulip births

a sea of blue

Monsters rise to plague the night

Released into the air


The shape of women’s bodies

haunt the shadow of the eye

Speckled lizard skin

Exotic sexual aliens

It is not a thing to be seen

Science has proven colors

trigger emotions, thoughts, memories

We see, so we feel

Therefore it is

we are

What does your eye see first?

Bright blue

Deep red?

Hard edges and corners

Blending bled together

Does this come out

or that come in?

What do you feel?

Do we feel the same?

Can your blue be an ocean while mine

is a tear?

Do you see the hands reaching up

Begging Escape from flames

Is that a face staring coldly

Or sky shaped by skyline?

Can we both be right

Yet both be wrong?


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