Womanhood: the pros and cons

“Write about a recent negative experience that seems related to your gender or to gender roles. Then write about a positive experience.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

It seems to me

That women are the weaker sex

Which is not to say the lesser sex

Women are built softer

More emotional

(By that I mean emotions are part of the female language)

Knowing this

Do men protect

As shining armor should?

Weaker means easier

Weaker means not as strong

So men must act strong and prove it

And women are the example

So many guys have taken advantage of me

Stolen kisses, pushed me to the edge

Alone I know what I want

Together I let them lead

Which they think means dominate

I am not a thing

I have feelings

Synapses and nerves

A heart

That is very fragile

Do you love me?

Then respect me

Guard me

Honor me

I don’t need protection

from the world

I need protection from you.

I love the golden waterfall

It is so versatile

Every day it changes

And grows as I grow tall

Time changes its




But never takes its beauty

This is the gift it makes

This waterfall is a source

of joy

My play place


How I woo men

Or send them off

My golden waterfall

is my strength

My weakness

My artist’s pallette

It’s never quite the same


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