Arrested Development

“Watch your favorite TV show or a movie and write down what you observe about the roles of men and women. Use the specifics of the characters and story.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

I can’t say Arrested Development was/is my favorite TV show. I was on an Arrested Development kick when I wrote this but I think I stopped watching shortly after. I didn’t even make it through season one.

The Characters

Mom – big spender, bossy

Buster – stupid, clueless, needs Mom

Gob – bum, womanizer – charm

Michael – stalks girl he likes – brains

Lindsey – thinks all she has is looks

The Plot

Mom plans her own surprise party but the Bluthe family didn’t show

Buster is hiding from Lucille 2. He gets up the nerve to “break up” with her but ends up kissing her.

Mom can’t drive – gets in a wreck

Michael holds the family together

Gender Roles




expect to be served

spend money

want to be noticed



try to stand up for themselves

wimpy (chicken)



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