Celebrate Sex

“Write a celebration of your sex: everything you love about men or women. Then write a celebration of the opposite sex.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”


I feel the need to preface my poems. This prompt did not inspire me at all and I don’t care for the poems that I created. However, as part of this experiment/project, I said I would post everything. It’s still better than Vogon poetry.



Hidden power

Hidden strength

Ambassadors for love

joy, heartbreak, anger

We speak the language

Communicate Emotions

Share excitement

Mourn together

Trade ecstasy

for tears of another

We cry together

Laugh together

Scream together

Join together






of oxen



Stoic, strong, a leader

takes care of his own

Protects them

Guides them

Teaches them

A good man leads


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