Throwing Stones

“Write a condemnation of the opposite sex, then of your own. Let loose with everything that annoys you, bothers you, deeply disturbs you.”

-Kim Addonizio

This is my condemnation but I would love to hear what you dislike about your sex and the opposite sex.


Strength abused

Power abused

Women abused

Fear is not respect

Sex is not love

No does not mean yes

And it’s not funny

Women watch how you

dress, walk, talk, act, drink

Don’t go walking in

alleys, the dark, dorms, parties, parks

But men

boys will be boys

Feel a need

Fill the need

Take it if you must

Desire is meant to be satisfied


Use your

strength, power, women






Oh my gosh

Did you hear what Amber said?

I’m not supposed to say

but Kayla hates you

Bobby slept with Julie

Rachel told Sierra told

Megan told Alicia told

Susan told Beth told

Christa looks so fat in those jeans

I love your haircut


I think John is gay

I think Lisa is preggers

I think

I think

I ruin lives


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