Diving Deeper

“Many couples tell stories about the moment when they first saw each other, or first fell in love. Meeting a love is a powerful moment. Parting from one is equally intense. Close your eyes and spend a few minutes remembering the highs and lows of those meetings and partings. Is there one experience, positive or negative, that you want to bring to the page? Spend a few more minutes focusing on that experience. The process, again, involves immersing yourself in the past and entering that prior experience before beginning to write.”

-Kim Addonizio


I took the same situation, the same parting, and told it two different ways. Let me know which one you prefer.


Poem One

I should have left months ago

Years ago

He was like a venus

fly trap

I didn’t know until

I was caught

And then it was too late


I moved away

Home, actually

But a thread of wires

connected us

Communication didn’t stop

Like poison

Seeping into life forces


One day I snapped and finally

I saw

The manipulative, vindictive, self-depreciating jerk

he was

But it was far too late

The scars

do not begin to fade.



Poem Two

I won’t have it

Everything you say

– you might believe it –

Is bullshit

Leave me Alone!

Your mind tricks don’t work

Of course,

you don’t see it

You don’t see every time

You seek my pity

Blame yourself

Destroy yourself

You force me

To my knees

Shove yourself inside me

Well I won’t have it

You can’t have me

I’m free


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