Threading Love

“Write a detailed description of an object…It doesn’t matter what….

“After you’ve done this, begin a poem with ‘You are…’ and imagine a loved one as that object. This is a metaphor again – imagining one thing in terms of another.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”

I ended up editing the poem, which I don’t normally do. I just started formatting it differently at the end and decided to make the whole poem flow in the same way.

Description of Thread

So thin your fingers barely feel it. A collection of finer threads wound tightly together that show when the ends fray.

You wind your way around and around a spool until you form a wall of color, an infinity with no end just a single, thin start.


You are

a piece of thread Skin so thin

I can barely feel it as I run my fingers along your back

this miraculous collection of sinews and tissues and

smaller things wound tightly together

Only in the end when you are cut

apart will we see how everything fits to make


Meanwhile our lives twine like a single thread

around a spool I hope for

infinity Forever

with you


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