Dear Virgin, Please write about sex

“In 2002, Elizabeth Benedict wrote The Joy of Writing Sex. It’s directed to fiction writers, but is useful for pets as well. Benedict talks about ‘hiring a decorator’ – creating a vivid setting for your characters to connect (or not – another thing she reminds us is that not all sex is good sex). I’ve read hundreds of poems about sex in which the bodies seem to float in space, with no context….

“Try both kinds of poem – one in which you create a context that mirrors the mood, and one in which you have, say, a cheap motel setting but transcendent sex.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”



Poem One:

We hide in the familiar dark

I know the small room well

I navigate blindly

This is my room

My slightly hard bed

Divots broken in by bony elbows

It is here

He presses his lips to my mouth

My hand, outstretched,

Brushes against my cluttered nightstand

I bring baggage with every kiss

My mind flurries

But I kiss him back

He is mine

I know him in the dark



Poem Two:

He made the bed for me

Simple, dark sheets

And a silver-wrapped kiss on the pillow

It is sweet

But I am unsure

The carpet is soft and thick

My bare feet sink in

He pushes me roughly

Toward and onto the bed

He pulls hungrily at my clothes

The sun shines on the pillow

The kiss has melted some

I do not want his kisses

The sheets beneath me

Are much softer than his lips

I close my eyes

And wait for it to end.


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