I Think But Should I Speak?

“In 1997, Hervé Le Tellier wrote Mille pensées, ‘one thousand thoughts,’ with each line beginning, ‘I think…’ In 2005, Denise Duhamel wrote a book of a thousand and one lines, each beginning, ‘I feel…’ Some of the ‘I feel’s seem to be true of Denise Duhamel, the writer, but others clearly aren’t. Still others are based on wordplay, like a series of alphabetical ‘I feel…’ statements beginning with ‘I feel amorous around angels.’…

“Write an ‘I feel…’ or an ‘I think…’ or an ‘I believe…’ or an ‘I remember…’ poem. Play with the ‘I’ that is you, and the ‘I’ that is not you.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”



I think I’m fantastic

I think my hair needs to be cut

I think chicken is delicious

I think about life force running onto the rug

I think I can use the force

I think about whales filling the room

I think my boyfriend could be taller

I think my job sucks

I think two years is forever

I think time moves too quickly

I think I’m an alien

I think immigrants should be welcomed

I think a wall is a stupid idea

I think I’m way too jumpy

I think about death – mine, yours, his

I think about children filling the house

I think about childbirth – terrifying, amazing, no thank you

I think I forgot how to spell

I think college is too hard

I think I cannot quit

I think life is a joke

I think I can keep laughing at it


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