Sometimes I Scare Myself

Persona is Latin for ‘mask.’ In a persona poem, the ‘I’ is more obviously a character…. In a persona poem, you can become an actor and enter the page as anyone – rock star, grandparent, space alien – and investigate the things that matter most to you.

“Jot down your ideas for creating a persona. You might speak as a comic book hero, a mythological or historical figure…. Whatever persona you choose, infuse it with your own sensibilities, your own urgencies.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”



I have a couple of notes before I share the two poems I wrote. First, if you are a victim of sexual assault of any kind, I suggest not reading any further. I do not want to trigger anything for you or cause you any pain. Second, I do not sympathize with rapists. This wasn’t even the first persona I wanted to write about but I realized that this subject seems to be where the muses seem to be pulling me for the time being.






Poem One:

I have needs I have desires

She wanted it                    then

She just regrets it              now

She didn’t say no

There was no struggle

And it felt so good

Warm wetness all around me

Pulling me

Sucking me

All I did was guide her head to mine

I didn’t even strain

As she sent a shiver

Running from where her lips touched

me up into the deepest parts of my stomach

She shivered too

And I grabbed her hair

her head

Tight knowing we were both met with pleasure

She’s a lying bitch

if she says otherwise

She liked it

I told her so




Poem Two:

We kiss

I run my hands on silk

A gift, a token of love

My hands stroke lightly

But I want more

So I grab


Burning courses through my being

I want I need I will die

without it

She no longer moans under my touch

My hands have turned to claws

Like the arcade machine

Reaching for toys that you can never have

This time

This time I know my claw will come

back full

I don’t hear her

I barely see beyond

My desire for ecstasy

I’m quick

She can’t resist

And I feel heaven kiss

My dick

She struggles

I hold her down

Mother drowning her child

in love

Of course

I don’t care

The price of this drug


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