Questions from a Student

“Rhetorical questions…give you a way to introduce your subject; you can ask the question and then answer it. The uncertainties here won’t be in the questions themselves. You’ll have to let them give way to other surprises and mysteries.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”



Why should I care

that energy is dependent on mass?

I don’t need a scientific equation,

Just go to the gym during freshman P.E.

I know it’s good for me to learn

Things I will forget before

I ever need them.

Why should I go to college

Besides to relearn everything from high school?

But there are some I will never forget

Like the resting heart rate

for a person

Is around 70 beats a minute

But when I rest with you

It’s about 120.

When will you be on my final?

Every day

Past “I do”


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