It’s a Self-Portrait I Swear

“One of the concepts in The Power of Now is the ‘pain-body,’ a negative energy field that can take us over, that feeds on our pain and wants our pain to continue and increase….First do a short meditation. Close your eyes and imagine that your pain-body has a form….The next step is to make that image concrete. Have handy an artist’s pad, a few crayons or colored pencils or pens….Once you’ve settled on an image that feels true to your pain-body at this moment, the next step is to write to it. You can also write as your pain-body.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”


Please              No

Don’t let me out

I feel so much safer

Deep in the dark

Balled up and hidden

I know you feel me

But sometimes I get hungry

And I gnaw on what’s around


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