The Third One Ducked

“‘A man walks into a bar …’ That’s the beginning of a joke with a lot of variations. Men, horses, skeletons, mushrooms, dogs, mice, and peanuts, in the universe of jokes, seem to require liquid refreshment. Go online and read some variations of ‘A _________ walks into a bar.’ Then fill in the blank and write a poem in which something funny happens to your character.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”



A beagle walks

into a bar

on two legs

Much to the suprise

of the bartender

of the patrons

of the dog

The dog pauses

to sniff the air

to lift a leg

as a salute

to the crowd

to the bartender

to the female obscured by shadows

A man nearby

nudges the beagle

says “Stay away from her

She’s trouble.

She’s a bitch.”

“I know,” says the dog.

“She’s my wife.”


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