Get Rich Quick (I Wish)

“The tension between form and content offers a great opportunity for poets. In A Modest Proposal, another eighteenth-century satire, Jonathan Swift presented a detailed, reasoned argument suggesting a solution should poor Irish children become a burden to their parents: Just eat the little ones. … With that as a model, write a poem proposing a solution to some terrible or difficult problem: war, animal testing, racism. Be serious at first, and then shift to satire.”

-Kim Addonizio, “Ordinary Genius”



Out upon the street

Voices raise

At the sight of beauty

Men feel strong, cool, powerful

While making women feel ashamed, scared, weak

Strong business women

Nothing better than strippers

Look, comment, don’t touch

She probably has mace

But a better solution

To say the least

Would be for women to charge

Admission fee

The show’s not free

You need to tip

Five dollars for a glance

Ten for a long look

Fifteen for every syllable uttered

Money is power

When women get money

They take man’s power

And a shopping spree


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