It’s Definitely a Bird

This is yesterday’s challenge. I completed it late last night, so I put off posting. Yesterday I was given a list of concepts to draw. I had to pick one and then repeatedly draw it throughout the day. The goal was of course to improve with each repetition, or to add more detail, etc.


I chose to draw a pelican. I was really excited last night because my drawings have improved and were actually starting to look like a pelican. Today, I feel like these drawings look nothing like pelicans. Anyway, here they are:



1. From memory. I think it looks more like a seagull.



2. I looked up pictures of pelicans but then drew the picture from memory.



3. This one was drawn while looking at pictures of pelicans. This one looks like a heron.



4. This is the point where I thought maybe I was starting to get the hang of drawing pelicans. Do you agree?



5. The fish needs more work than the bird.



6. Last and definitely not worst…



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