Disney Princess Hair

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post again. I wanted to finish all of the Disney Princess hairstyles, so that I could move on to other experiments. Well, I finished quite a while ago but then I became extremely busy and only now have found the time to complete the post.


Cinderella-pose-726167       DSC01344       DSC01347

I already showed Cinderella’s servant hairstyle, so here is her going to the ball up-do. It’s actually quite easy and doesn’t require a lot of hairspray and bobby pins to keep it up. The hardest part was that in the movie, Cinderella doesn’t have any definition to her hair, so it’s difficult to say what exactly her hair should look like.


DSC01362       jasmine_cartoon-5089

I got a little excited making the bubbles in Jasmine’s hair, so I have three and a tail while she only has two and a tail. I also have layers, so my bubbles are a little funky looking where the layers stick out. Oh to be a Disney Princess and to have perfect hair all the time.



DSC01375           tumblr_md6w0t23CP1ruendu

For those who don’t know, Princess Tiger Lily is from Peter Pan. Her hairstyle, although very simple, was not very comfortable. The headband stayed on my head for an hour at most, and I tightened the pigtails when I was at work because they didn’t feel natural and tended to bunch up funny. But it does look pretty cute in the picture.



DSC01378        DSC01380       Princess-Tiana-the-princess-and-the-frog-6613139-300-300

I learned how to do this hairstyle from a youtube tutorial. I made just one change to the tutorial, and that is there was no way I was putting a sock in my hair. Instead I took the inner part of the ponytail and wrapped it around, just like how the sock is supposed to go. I struggled extremely with stuffing the hair in the bun and my conclusion is that I am not African American and my hair does not have the right texture to be manipulated in the way of that awesome tutorial.

Oh and don’t freak out about my face in that picture. I had my wisdom teeth out during that time and it took forever for the swelling to go down.


I actually have two Mulan hairstyles, so bear with me.

    DSC01384 965830_555

First, Mulan’s army bun. I didn’t make the bun nearly high enough and part of the reason is that I have so much hair that the bun is sagging. If you look closely, you can see that most of my hair is actually hanging out of the bottom of the bun, and I still have too much. However, there was no way I was going to cut my hair just for one hairstyle.

I actually tried to do the hairdo the way that Mulan does it in the movie, in just a sweep up with a ribbon, but I’m pretty sure Mulan was animated by men and nobody’s hair can do what Mulan’s does. Here you can watch how she does her hair.

 DSC01389     DSC01390      mulan-coloring-pages-1

I could only find a coloring page to show you Mulan’s other hairstyle. If you watch the clip, her hair is done this way at the beginning. Note that in the next scene of the clip her hair is no longer in that style. It’s because hair does not stay in a ponytail that low, and on my the look was just dumb looking. So, I’d call this style a bust.


I had to include Leia since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, she is now technically a Disney Princess. She has like forty hairstyles (okay maybe more like six), so I only did three of them to give you a sampling of her looks.

DSC01371             princess-leia

Of course, I begin with the traditional doughnut buns. I hadn’t done the Tiana hairstyle yet, so I didn’t think about wrapping most of my hair around inside the bun to give it more volume. It doesn’t really matter, I think if anyone wears buns on the sides of their head, people will think they look like Princess Leia. I had all sorts of people comment on it at work, even strangers.

DSC01385    DSC01386    princess-leia-princess-leia-organa-solo-skywalker-31897480-2026-2560

I would call this hair style failed. It doesn’t look nearly enough like Leia’s style. All I did was french braid the top pieces and then braid down the sides, however, I think that Leia’s is really a hair piece. If you look closely, there’s no start or stop to the hair in the braid except at the bottoms of the braids. There’s nowhere for the hair to join, so it’s probably a braided hair piece that’s attached to the actress’s scalp.

I took my hair and pulled it back into a low ponytail and it was really cute, so maybe not a complete fail.

  DSC01395       DSC01398       Princess_Leia_Organa_Large_Blaster_Pose

I don’t have as much hair as the Princess Leia, so this look is a smaller version of hers. However, it’s really cute and I received lots of compliments on it. All I did was put my hair in a ponytail, split it and make two braids and then tucked the ends of the braids into my ponytail holder. Easy as pie.

Alright, that’s the end of the Disney Princess hairstyles. I have already been working on a new experiment for a couple weeks and I will try to start posting for that soon.


Experiment Disney Princess Hair: Princesses I Won’t Show

Many of the princesses have multiple hair styles and I will do my best to show you as many as I can master. There are, however, some I will not be wasting my time with, or at least I won’t waste my time taking pictures of these princesses. They are, in no particular order



Oh my gosh her hair is down and supposedly wet, but my hair never acts like that when it’s wet.



Oh look, her hair is down too, we just stuck a flower behind her ear. It’s winter right now, so I’d have to wait about six months to do this style. Sorry, I don’t have the patience or the desire to do this look.



Oh look, it’s down again. I wish I could do my hair like Rapunzel but she’s been growing her hair for sixteen years without cutting it. I’ve had a haircut within the last year, so I’m way behind.



One more time, a Disney princess whose hair is down and flowing in the wind. Want to know how to get this look? Straighten your hair and turn on a fan and fog machine.



I actually did try to do this look. I couldn’t get the headband to stay on my head that far back. It would just slide off or bunch my hair so that it looked funny. If anyone has a suggestion that would work, please let me know.

Sorry about being so snarky in this post. I have a bone chip that’s working its way out of the back of my mouth right now, and it really hurts.

Experiment Disney Princess: First Results

Nine attempts at nine different princess hairstyles. Let’s just say, they’re definitely results. Enjoy and if you can do better, please tell me.

1. Mulan’s matchmaker look.

Mulan-disney-princess-15949473-1280-720    Mulan

This is the style that I’m the most disappointed with. The bun I ended up with looked really cute but it didn’t look at all like Mulan’s. I couldn’t get my hair loose enough on the bottom and high enough on top. I have no idea how to accomplish the loose look Mulan has. Every attempt, even when it felt extremely loose, was still really tight. And when my hair was that loose, the bun wouldn’t stay on top of my head.

In the end, it didn’t matter because it gave me a ponytail headache, so I took the bun out before the end of the day.

2. Sleeping Beauty

tumblr_lv7uhf69pX1qkfkhh   DSC01305   DSC01298

This look is extremely simple. It’s a headband slid slightly further back than I normally wear headbands. It looked cute, I guess, but I hate those kinds of headbands. They make the spot right behind my ear itch, so the style was done before I had finished class for the day. I wonder if a fabric band could still accomplish that look.

3. Ariel on Dry Land

ariel1   DSC01286   DSC01294

This was my first attempt at a Disney princess hairstyle. I was really proud of it at the time but looking at the comparison between my hair and Ariel’s I didn’t pull enough hair back. I think my barrette was too small to hold a lot of hair. Of course, that was probably due to the fact that I haven’t worn barrettes since I was about seven. I had a lot less hair then.

Despite the fact that the hairstyles don’t match exactly, I like this look. It was super easy and pulled my hair out of my face, which is nice during tests or at work.

4. Snow White

SnowWhite6    DSC01328

I think I did the best at matching my hair to Snow White’s out of all the looks featured here, even though her hair is half the length of mine. The bow is really cute but I felt really self-conscious at school with the big bow on top of my head. It isn’t a style I’ve done before and it didn’t really feel like me. It does look good and I’m definitely reusing the ribbon.

5. Melody

mermaid-the-little-mermaid-2-30208568-500-306   Ariel'sdaughter

I feel like I cheated doing this hairstyle. It’s a ponytail. There isn’t even anything special about the ponytail. No twists. No braids. Just a hair tie. On top of that, Melody isn’t even a true Disney Princess. She’s from the Little Mermaid 2. She’s a sequel. But I needed something easy because I had to be at school early for an exam.

6. Rapunzel

tumblr_m08iqiv7J31qb7f84o1_400   Rapunzel_blurry   DSC01314

First, let me apologize for the terrible pictures. None of them have been great but I really failed with Rapunzel’s hair. I couldn’t get an angle that showed all of the elements that went into this braid. Since I copied it from a mom on the internet, I will give you her site, and that photo is much better.

Remarkably, this hairstyle isn’t very difficult. It is simply two french braids, three tiny braids wrapped around the strands for one large braid. All the hairties and such that hold the elements together are hidden by the flower or more hair. I later added butterfly and flower clip things. They aren’t actual clips, they’re the kind that twist into your hair. That added to the effect a lot.

7. Belle, street clothes

Belle-3  DSC01319  DSC01324

I just realized that I forgot to put a bow in to complete this look. Oh well, it looks good, it’s pretty good in matching and the best part, it’s really easy. All I had to do was make a ponytail and flip the tail through a gap above the ponytail holder. That created the little twist you can see at the side of Belle’s ponytail in the picture.

8. Princess Belle

Belle_0   DSC01338

It took a while for me to figure out how to get the half up bun that Belle wears. I actually turned to Hairdo How-to again, and her daughter had dressed up as Belle for Halloween one year. Perfect! This style is actually more complicated than it looks. I made a few changes from Hairdo How-to. First, instead of rolling a nylon into my hair to give it bulk, I just ratted it. Second, the site tells you to use a bracelet to hold the bun, which gives the little tiara look that Belle has, but I instead just bobby-pinned the hair to curve under, hiding the bobby-pins. My only complaint is that my bun is a little wider than Belle’s. I’ll fix that next time.

9. Cinderella, pre- fairy godmother

images   Cinderella

Do you like my photoshopping? The hair tie I used was actually neon green, so I changed it to blue so that the hairstyle would match a little better. Cinderella is difficult to copy because she is animated without any definition to her hair. It’s a blob with bows or a crown or headband attached to it. I like the style and I think it adds to her beauty, but it’s not possible to do in the real world. My interpretation of this hairstyle is simply a low half ponytail. I think it looks pretty close, don’t you?