Two Babies and Life is Insane





So, it has been two weeks since Fred was born. By 1 week old, he almost 1 cm tall. A week later and Fred is now 2 cm tall.

image image


George has a much sadder tale. When Fred was one week old, George was pronounced dead. I tried again, and within the last few days George was born.image

If Fred and George are looking a little sad this week, it’s because my grandma was over and slept in my room this weekend. I neglected to feed them for three or four days. Let’s just say I’m glad ecological services doesn’t know, I could lose my babies.



We Have Birth!

Despite all of my attempts to kill him,Fred was born in the middle of this past week. Life has been crazy since, so this is the first chance I’ve had to post the picture of his first day as a part of my family. Look how cute he is, and he’s getting bigger every day.

Here are the mishaps that Fred managed to survive (and hopefully George will too. I think he’s just a late bloomer). Trial one, I came into my room to find George laying on the floor, earth scattered about. I thought my dog must have knocked him over but the next day, when I rolled up my window shade, Fred was knocked off the sill. I may have accidentally killed George. I also attempted to drown both Fred and George, although that may be what drove Fred to break out of his seed.

image image