And Piglet Started Sailing

Today’s challenge was to take a very static photograph of a man holding an umbrella and manipulate it. We were shown the silhouette and it was mostly one big blob. Not very exciting.


In my rendition, I focused on making the silhouette more dynamic. I wanted to give the man more angles and pieces sticking out. I realized that drawing the man in a storm with the wind pushing against him, would create the picture I was looking for.

Don’t mind the equations at the top of the picture. I was bored in math class when I drew this picture.





Once Upon a Time

Yesterday’s drawing challenge was to tell a visual story. I got one panel and no words with which to tell a story. I think what I drew may even have an implied beginning, middle and end. What do you think?


I apologize for the text behind the drawing. I was bored in class and drew on the back of the syllabus.